Rescue The Kitchen – Business Draft

Rescue The Kitchen


Over the years the Portland Rescue Mission, through the Burnside Shelter, has offered hope one meal at a time, serving 333,731 meals last year alone. Because of this relentless compassion in Portland, our Burnside kitchen needs its own rescuing.

Join us at  ___(Company Name)____  to Rescue The Kitchen this summer! Your efforts will help bring millions of meals to those experiencing homelessness and offer hope of recovery in the coming decade of the kitchen’s new life.

Your Company Goal is: $EXAMPLE


Serving Meals, Serving Hope

Take a look at some of the upcoming events!

July: Launch

Launch into action from July 13th through the 31st to implement your company’s Rescue The Kitchen fundraising efforts.

End of July: Celebrate

 Celebrate at VIP event Rescue The Kitchen…

– Top teams will be invited to the VIP Rescue the Kitchen Event at the Burnside Shelter right before construction begins.

Fanendo Adi from the Timbers & other players will be celebrating with us at Burnside for our VIP Rescue The Kitchen event.

THE TOP TEAM will receive a custom package from the Timbers for their team that will include a special visit to your office from Fanendo Adi and a special Timbers experience.

October: Ribbon Cutting

Attend the Ribbon cutting event in October when the Kitchen is complete.

Questions? Contact Tim Hemphill at [email protected] or at 503-875-7759