Maria’s Story of Hope

Methamphetamine destroyed Maria’s life. She’d lost everything, including her two children.

Maria’s Story of Hope on YouTube

“I’d used meth daily for eight years, starting when I was just 15,” Maria recalls. Mom was an alcoholic, dad was a “meth cook,” and Maria often sold drugs besides using them. “I didn’t trust anyone. In my world, everyone was out for themselves… what do you have for me today? Once I lost my baby girls, I was broken. I came to Shepherd’s Door (the women’s and children’s ministry of the Mission) desperate to get my children back.”

Today, Maria is a new woman, living with 10-year-old Miranda and 1-year-old Sadie and starting her family anew. “God gave me a second chance. Getting my children back is a miracle,” Maria says with a smile. “I’ve learned to trust people and trust God. Everyone sees that I’m happier, I have a glow, and I want more of Jesus in my life.”

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