‘Wow’ moments at Portland Rescue Mission (and current job openings)

When you work at an organization like Portland Rescue Mission, “wow” moments are regularly sprinkled throughout the work week. In a place where lives are being transformed regularly, our staff has the opportunity to hear those stories from guests as well as see those themselves. See some of the recent reports from staff below and then scroll down to see what job opportunities are available if you want to join us in our efforts to give hope and restore life:

Regi Somboonsiri at our Burnside Shelter: “One day, a homeless woman who was losing teeth and was very dirty poked her head through our window and asked: ‘Do you have anything that can make me feel beautiful?’ So I handed her a toothbrush, some toothpaste, lotion, a hairbrush and whatever else we could find. She was so grateful! … Where most might not see these as making her feel beautiful, she absolutely did.”

Troy Williams at Drive Away Hunger: “Although chaotic at times, all the Drive Away Hunger staff have been blessed with many opportunities to pray for and serve our donors and customers.  We recently had a customer call us and agree to pay the full asking price for a car that he saw on our website.  We were very blessed by his purchase and even prayed for him and the car, before he left.  We have also seen a formerly homeless man, who has since gotten a job and housing, now come in and buy a car! God continues to use vehicles, not only to raise money but also as a catalyst for ministry.”

Here’s a list of our current opportunities with links to the job descriptions (apply online if you’re interested):