Homelessness awareness: Top 5 reasons youths end up homeless (news roundup)

homeless-youthPortland Rescue Mission desires to see men, women and children find hope through a restored life, free from the bondage that comes with homelessness and addiction.

Portland Rescue Mission also desires to raise awareness on the topic of homelessness. Stay up-to date on our blog as we share the recent news and stories circulating on the topics of homelessness and addiction.

Here are some stories from this past week:

  • Jackie Rehwald, of the Springfield News-Leader, writes about why youths are homeless in her area, based on a study that was released of 350 youth (Facing Our Youth 2014 Survey of Springfield’s High Risk and Homeless Youth):

    “Each of these reasons indicates a family issue,” said Loni Brewer, program coordinator of the Rare Breed Youth Services. The survey revealed that the top self-identified reason youth are homeless in the Ozarks was due to being kicked out of the house (said 51% of those surveyed). Other reasons in the top five include: “there were lots of arguments at home,” verbal abuse, feeling unsafe and physical abuse.

  • Erika D. Smith of The Sacramento Bee writes about how Sacramento Steps Forward is “dealing with homelessness face to face.” She points out some of the things David Elliott, who has been helping out the organization, has discovered in the process:

    The navigators start with the immediate barriers, such as ensuring homeless people have ID cards and access to mental health care. … Along the way, the navigators build relationships. … “Saying hello can make a difference,” Elliott agreed. “Sometimes all people need is an ear, and sometimes that’s all we can do.”

  • Jerry Shaw of Newsmax writes about six ways you can help homeless veterans. This includes, of course, through employment:

    An important part in preventing homelessness among vets and is through employment, according to the United States Interagency Council on Homelessness. If you’re a business owner, you can focus on hiring vets, if possible. People can encourage their employers or businesses in the area to provide sustainable employment for vets to avoid homelessness in your community. Workforce training and guidance for job seekers is another needed service.

  • In State College, Pennsylvania, a man who is homeless found a purse that had $400 in it. He tracked down the owner when he discovered the money and found out she was a single mom fighting brain cancer. Watch the news segment from CBSPittsburgh below:


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