4 Steps to A Restored Life: The New Life Program

Most people know that Portland Rescue Mission gives hope to thousands of people in crisis by providing free hot meals, safe shelter, showers, clothing, mail service, 24/7 restrooms and chapel services.

But that’s just the beginning! Hundreds of lives are transformed in our free residential New Life Ministries at The Harbor for men and at Shepherd’s Door for women and children. In a year-long recovery, these hurting people journey from homelessness and addiction to a life of healing and freedom.

Below are the four phases that a man or woman will work through during their time in the New Life Ministries Program.

Phase 1 – TRUTH

See the truth about yourself, God and others.

  • Examine your painful past to identify lies that have held you back.
  • Learn what drives your addictive behavior.
  • Embrace God’s love for you.
  • Build relationships by listening and sharing.


Experience healing with open mind and heart.

  • Use recovery tools to change old ways of thinking and behaving.
  • Experience forgiveness from God and others for past mistakes.
  • Give and accept honest feedback with others.
  • Begin resolving health, financial and legal barriers.

Phase 3 – FREEDOM

Embrace a new life focused on growth.

  • Use setbacks as an opportunity to learn and change.
  • Draw closer to God through prayer, worship and journaling.
  • Openly admit failures. Resolve conflicts with healthy communication.
  • Take initiative in setting goals and fulfilling daily tasks.



Phase 4 – PURPOSE

Pursue a successful future filled with meaning.

  • Self-correct wrong behavior using recovery tools.
  • Grow in a transparent relationship with God and others.
  • Express gratitude and positivity. Serve and help others who are in need.
  • Move forward with independent housing, education and/or employment.

Get help with addiction recovery: www.PortlandRescueMission.org/GetHelp