Ministries Overview


Our Integrated Ministries Provide A Way Back Home

When life falls apart, hurting people struggle to put the pieces of their lives back together. Navigating the maze of social services can be bewildering. Escaping homelessness and addiction feels impossible.

At Portland Rescue Mission, we’ve designed a broad range of integrated services to meet people at their point of need and walk with them on their journey home. Though we’re best known for providing meals and shelter, we also offer short- and long-term programs to assist with addiction recovery, reconnection with God and life-skills training that transition people successfully to independent housing and employment.

New Life Ministries
Shepherd’s Door 62 women and children
The Harbor 45 men

Who We Serve People with recovery needs
Location 2 sites in NE Portland
Relationship Restoration. Guiding growth.
Outcome “I feel whole. I have skills for success.”

Addiction is the single largest cause of homelessness in 68% of U.S. citites.
Our 12-month residential New Life Ministries help people break free from this epidemic by addressing its root causes. Addiciton counseling, spiritual renewal and life skills training rebuild heart, soul, mind and body for a total life recovery.
pathway Ministries
Connect 3 months 16 women 36 men
Extended Shelter 1-6 weeks 10 women 20 men
Overnight Shelter 1 night 128 men

Who We Serve People with transitional needs
Location Burnside Shelter downtown
Relationship Connection. Providing support.
Outcome “I feel hopeful. I have stability.”

Without help, men and women in desperate circumstances face dangers of violence on the street. Some may fall into chronic homelessness and endless addiction.
Our Pathway Ministries provide safe shelter and offer guidance to help people transition into stable housing and employment in as little as 3 months.
hope Ministries
Meals 330,000 a year
Mail 1,000 people a year
Referrals, Restrooms, Showers, Guest Care Center

Who We Serve People with urgent needs
Location Burnside Shelter downtown
Relationship Compassion. Building trust.
Outcome “I feel safe. I have diginity.”

Thousands of people in Portland experience homelessness each year. The causes are many — addiction, domestic violence, mental illness, poverty, job loss, or other trauma.
Our Hope Ministries meet their urgent needs, provide care, offer friendship and direct them to resources for a way back home.