Help A Hurting Person

7 Ideas for Helping a Man or Woman who is Homeless

1. Anticipate the opportunity and be prepared.

2. Smile and actually say hello. Go out of your way to approach rather than avoid them. Acknowledging the person shows respect. It gives dignity.

3. Engage the person. Start a conversation. Take time to listen.

4. Don’t give money. Ask what their greatest need is. If money, what will they do with it? Think creatively about how to help. In most cases, meeting the actual immediate need for food or clothing is best.

5. Offer an alternative. Keep Care Kits with you that include socks, toothbrushes and toothpaste, soap, bottled water, healthy food items or gift certificates for food. Include our mini fliers with information about services available.

6. Carry public transportation ( tickets and encourage them to get to Portland Rescue Mission for food, shelter and other immediate needs (Skidmore Fountain stop). Let the person know that you support Portland Rescue Mission so that their needs will be met.

7. Afterward, be sure to pray for both their physical needs as well as their spiritual hunger


FREE: 5 Things A Homeless Person Could Use

Download a printable copy of our infographic “5 Things a Homeless Person Could Use and How to Pack a Care Kit” including free cut-away mini fliers about the services available to hurting people at our Burnside Shelter.