Men praying outside The Harbor

The Harbor: A Devotion of Restoration

Bob Rapp started serving at Portland Rescue Mission as a volunteer in 1995. Every  Friday morning he taught in the men’s long-term…

Little boy looks at a Christmas ornament

Every Day Advent

Arianne Benedetto bring us a devotional of hope as our guest blogger. As the lead grant writer at Portland Rescue Mission, Arianne…

Two women sitting and praying outside at Portland Rescue Mission

A Thanksgiving Devotional

Our guest blogger today is Karen Hartmann, Chaplain to the women at Shepherd’s Door. She has been in full-time ministry as an…

The Hidden Face of Homelessness

Women are the new face of homelessness, struggling against pain and trauma. Portland Rescue Mission offers hope and transformation for a new life.

Amanda’s Story of Restoration

This month, five amazing women who had struggled with drugs, addiction and homelessness, have completed the New Life Program at our recovery center for women and children.

Andrew Hall, Safety/ Health/ Wellness Advocate

Andrew Hall, our Assistant Director at the Burnside Shelter here at Portland Rescue Mission, has won an award, honoring him for making safety a priority in the workplace.

March Glimmers

God is doing amazing things in the lives of the residents here at Portland Rescue Mission! At The Harbor, our community of…

Our volunteers at Shelter 365

Volunteering can be an incredibly rewarding experience. Our annual telethons have been blessed with amazing group of people that are able to…

A Glimmer of Hope

Homelessness hurts, especially when the weather turns cold and wet. Many Portlanders have nowhere to go for shelter and feel lost, hungry…