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Lazara with her two children at Shepherd's Door.

Lazara reunites with family, grows in God’s ‘greenhouse’ at Shepherd’s Door

“I had every intention of staying married until we were old, building a life together and raising our kids,” says Lazara. Like most of us, she wanted a happy life and a loving home. More than anything, Lazara yearned to save her children from the kind of pain she’d experienced... Read More


Be a vehicle mechanic at Portland Rescue Mission, other job openings

Fall has arrived, and here at Portland Rescue Mission, we’re hiring for numerous positions all throughout our organization as we gear up for a very busy season. Our Drive Away Hunger car sales and donations team is in great need of a mechanic. If you have a knack for fixing... Read More

Jesse, the son of Vivian, who is a New Life Ministries  graduate, carries a cross as he runs in the Lord's Gym Mud Run.

Portland Rescue Mission experiences the ‘glow’ of ‘glimmers’

Here at Portland Rescue Mission, we are blessed to be a part of some incredible stories. Whether through the lives of our New Life Ministries graduates, or the transition successes that happen in our Connect Ministry (part of our Pathway Ministries), it is always exciting to... Read More


Looking back to ‘Stories of Hope’ at Portland Rescue Mission

Once September/October rolls around here at Portland Rescue Mission, things get extra busy for our organization. The fall is a very important time of the year for giving hope and restoring life to people in need. It’s also the time of year when, as the weather begins to change,... Read More


Tiffany unearths the desires of her heart at Shepherd’s Door

It took until a second year after graduating from the women and children’s New Life Ministry at Shepherd’s Door, but Tiffany finally discovered something she always wanted to find: the desires of her heart. After spending a year in recovery, and working tirelessly to overcome... Read More

One of Shepherd's Door's youngest residents shows off his dinner, provided by Harry's Fresh Foods.

Harry’s Fresh Food celebrates end of summer at Shepherd’s Door

Sometimes, partnerships are simply meant to be. And after Harry’s Fresh Foods connected with Portland Rescue Mission last year, it was it was evident to all it was the perfect match. “After we talked last year, Harry’s Fresh Foods fell in love with who we’re serving,... Read More


Kat grows in responsibility stewarding the garden at Shepherd’s Door

Kat walks around the garden, checking tomato plants. “During the hot, hot weather that we had, they weren’t really liking that too much,” she said. With a basket in hand, Kat was in the process of harvesting. “There are a lot of tomatoes that I bring in. I am out... Read More


End summer with a new job at Portland Rescue Mission

It’s back-to-school time, and that means for many people, either they are in school themselves, or they have kids who are. It could also mean that for those of you who are not in school might be thinking about a new job and career change. If so, consider what’s available... Read More


Tia overcomes destructive past, becomes ‘miracle’ at Shepherd’s Door

“In my family, I’m a miracle,” Tia told the crowd at Shepherd’s Door. “I knew I was going down the wrong path as my family’s history is filled with stories of death and destruction from drugs. “There is only one person in my family who is not an alcoholic or …... Read More


Once completely afraid, Christina rediscovers anchor, love for service at Shepherd’s Door

When Christina first came to Shepherd’s Door, she was paranoid. From the day she stepped into the facility, she was afraid of everyone, and she found every day to be absolutely terrifying as a result. “Before I came here, I was caught up in a life of addiction and alcoholism,”... Read More