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Dennis shows off his joy at his honorary graduation at The Harbor.

Overcoming a stroke, alcoholism at The Harbor: A graduate’s story

When it comes to basic life functions, like walking and talking, most people don’t give it a second thought. From the moment we learn to do both of those things as a toddler, they soon becomes second nature. And it was that way for Dennis too, until he was unexpectedly …... Read More


Shepherd’s Door women experience ‘breakthroughs’ at 5Rock Ranch

Overcoming addiction and abuse can be emotionally and mentally draining for the women in our yearlong New Life Ministries Recovery Program. One way to encourage our women and children and offer space for further healing is to pack everyone up and take them on a retreat! Thanks... Read More

'Glimmers' provide an exciting glimpse into what God is doing at Portland Rescue Mission.

Finding ‘glimmers’ of movement at Portland Rescue Mission

Portland Rescue Mission is about two things: giving hope and restoring life. For many of us that work here at the Mission, that comes in the form of what we refer to as “glimmer reports.” Simply put, “glimmer reports” are from those in our ministry who are in the trenches... Read More

The PDX carpet has taken the social media world by storm.

My PDX Carpet chooses Portland Rescue Mission as one of its charities

If you have yet to catch wind of the social media phenomenon that is the PDX carpet, you are in luck. Pieces of the well-loved iconic carpet will soon be up for sale. My PDX Carpet, a collaboration between Nagl Floor Covering and Yeobo Design, has won a bid to … Read More

Robbin Van Rys facilitates her art therapy class at Shepherd's Door.

Shepherd’s Door women using art to help solidify recovery process

For the women in our yearlong New Life Ministry at Shepherd’s Door, recovery is a challenging process to go through. In the safe, healing environment of Shepherd’s Door, these women learn to invite God into the wounds of their past, healing the root causes behind their... Read More


Portland Rescue Mission: Where we’ve been in 2015, so far

Don’t look now, but we are already through the first two months of 2015 and inching closer and closer to the official start of spring (March 20 to be exact). Have you been keeping tabs on what’s been happening at Portland Rescue Mission? If not, stay informed and... Read More

Ladies from Shepherd's Door serve down at our Burnside Shelter.

Shepherd’s Door women give back, serve faithfully at Burnside Shelter

Blessings come in all shapes and sizes, and while it’s one blessing to be able to help someone find hope by getting them off the street, it’s even more so when you start to see those same people giving back. At Shepherd’s Door, this is exactly what has been happening... Read More

health resource day at burnside shelter

‘Grassroots’ healthcare effort for homeless happening at Burnside Shelter

One of the issues often overlooked when it comes to homeless men and women is their healthcare needs. As a demographic that frequently uses emergency rooms, their healthcare can be very costly. And as a way of increasing the amount of outreach taking place, while also helping... Read More


Portland Rescue Mission, The Oregonian discuss ‘homeless crisis’

In case you missed it, our Public Relations Specialist Alexa Mason recently sat down with The Oregonian’s Anna Griffin to talk about Portland’s homeless crisis, an eight-week series the newspaper is working on. During Wednesday’s live chat, Mason spent some time answering... Read More

Harbor men chop wood in the rain to provide fire wood for families in need.

The Harbor’s location a catalyst for recovery at Portland Rescue Mission

At only 8.3 miles apart, or about 13 minutes driving without traffic, the distance between our Burnside Shelter in downtown Portland and The Harbor doesn’t seem like much. And yet, it’s that very distance itself that makes The Harbor such a powerful place total life transformation.... Read More