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Four Women Run Half Marathon

Similar to our men’s program running the Rock n’ Roll Half Marathon a month ago, several women from Shepherd’s Door, our women’s addiction recovery program, successfully completed the Vancouver Half Marathon a couple weeks ago! “It was a commitment,”... Read More

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Hot Summer Lies Ahead

Weather reports have indicated this summer will be the hottest in years. If these predictions hold true, the Portland area could see as many as 20 days above 90 degrees. While the warm sun is a relief to the homeless men and women who’ve fought through the harsh winter,... Read More


Homeless Birthday Blast!

A week ago we celebrated the birthdays of all the homeless guests we serve with our annual Birthday Party for the Homeless! Many of our homeless friends watch as their birthdays pass by year after year, uncelebrated. For others, this is their first year on the streets. For... Read More

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8 Men Reach Goal, Run Half Marathon

On Sunday, May 18th, eight men from The Harbor, our men’s addiction recovery program, successfully completed the Portland Rock n’ Roll Half Marathon! The guys trained for 14 weeks through rain, cold and occasional sun in order to fully prepare for the event. “Training... Read More

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Birthday Party for the Homeless

 Many homeless men and women watch their birthday come and go like every other day of the year. No celebration. No cake. Certainly no gifts. Not even a “Happy Birthday” from a friend. But this year, with the support and thoughtfulness of generous friends like you,... Read More


$50,000 Matching Gift Challenge!

For a limited time, you have the chance to give a gift that will provide twice the impact of a regular gift! A generous group of donors has offered a Matching Challenge, meaning they’ll match, dollar for dollar, every gift received in May, up to $50,000!  Imagine what... Read More


Thank You For Giving Hope This Easter!

Less than a week ago we challenged each of our supporters, fans, and social media followers – everyone we could reach – to help provide meals this Easter season. The fundraising dollar amount for Easter meals had been down significantly from 2013, while at the same... Read More


Give An Easter Meal Today!

Easter is just around the corner! Provide a meal today that will bring hope to a person in need. Just days from now, families will gather around the table to share delicious food as we celebrate the Easter story. But there’s a growing crowd of men, women and families... Read More


New Logo!

We just launched a new logo! We feel this new design more clearly represents some of the Mission’s key attributes: A shining light of hope An open door of hospitality And a safe place for people to find rest, healing & total life recovery.   What do you think... Read More

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Chef Turns Down Lucrative Career to Feed Starving Neighbors

    Narayanan Krishnan had a great job. He was an award-winning chef working at a 5-star hotel in Switzerland. But when he returned home to his native India to visit family, what he saw there changed everything.  Watch his powerful story brought to you by CNN to see how... Read More