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Mondays at the Mission: Ep 28 – Part 5: Help A Hurting Person

Summer keeps rolling along – and so does our “How To Help A Hurting Person” video series! This series teaches what you can do to help a person holding a sign asking for help on the side of the road, outside a grocery store, or anywhere else you may see …... Read More

New Seasons

Shoppers, New Seasons Raise 4,643 Meals!

Earlier this month, New Seasons Market challenged its customers to raise meals for hurting, homeless people through Portland Rescue Mission. For the whole weekend, they matched customers’ donations dollar for dollar. Together, New Seasons and its customers raised funds... Read More

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Mondays at the Mission: Ep 27 – Part 4: Help A Hurting Person

What are you supposed to do when you see someone on the street corner asking for help? Give them money? Ignore them? Tell them to get a job? Our summer video series, “How To Help A Hurting Person,” teaches you how to make a difference for someone in need!  SEE... Read More

BedMart 2

BedMart Donates 25 Mattresses

Food and shelter are critical parts of the services we provide and are often the first things that come to mind when The Mission’s needs are thought of.  However, one key component of shelter that generally doesn’t come to mind are the beds the men and women sleep on.... Read More

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Mondays at the Mission: Ep 26 – Part 3: Help A Hurting Person

Watch the newest episode of “How To Help A Hurting Person” to get another tip on what you can do when you see someone holding a sign asking for help. If you haven’t seen Part One or Part Two, check them out as well! Check out this week’s tip here! ... Read More

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Mondays at the Mission: Ep 25 – Part 2: Help A Hurting Person

We’re continuing our series this week on how you can help a hurting person in need!  Last week’s video talked about being prepared. Don’t be surprised when someone approaches you and asks for help. Prepare yourself so that you know what to do when the situation... Read More

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Mondays at the Mission: Ep 24 – Part 1: Help A Hurting Person

We’ve all been there before. You pull up to a red light and ease to a stop. You look out the window and there is a person holding a cardboard sign asking for help. It happens all the time in a variety of places: freeway ramps, outside grocery stores, sometimes just …... Read More


Mondays at the Mission: Ep 23 – Michael Gets A Second Chance

Michael knows what it feels like to be homeless. After all, he spent the last five years of his life on the streets. He’s fought to survive. He’s tossed and turned in a wet sleeping bag, worrying where his next meal will come from. But just a few months ago, Michael’s... Read More


Volunteers Needed This Summer

We need volunteers! During the summer, our volunteer numbers typically go down even though the need for services remains high. To help operations run smoothly, we’re looking for relational, compassionate volunteers to engage our homeless guests and recovery residents... Read More

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Invisible Homeless

Have homeless people become so invisible we wouldn’t notice our own family members living on the street? In a social experiment done by New York Rescue Mission, several people agreed to pose as homeless men and women sitting on the sidewalk. Then they had their unsuspecting... Read More