Internships at Portland Rescue Mission

APPLY FOR AN INTERNSHIPApply for an internship at Portland Rescue Mission to help men, women and children overcome homelessness and addiction. Get hands-on ministry experience and in-depth job training in a non-profit organization.

How does the internship program work?

The program is designed to equip interns in through a combination of hands-on work, education and coaching. The internship program accommodates students enrolled in school as well as individuals looking to gain work experience for employment. Internships are unpaid voluntary positions.

What is the time commitment?

An intern must serve a minimum of 10 hours a week for at least eight months, or 20 hours a week for at least 4 months. Internships can be extended to a full year or more based on the desires of the intern and the needs of Portland Rescue Mission.

How do I apply?

1. Applicants identify a ministry area that fits their career goals.
2. Applicants fill out the internship application and submit.
3. Portland Rescue Mission will follow up with an interview process.

What internships are available?

Homeless Services - Burnside Shelter

Our Hope Ministries (Homeless Services) at the Burnside Shelter provides hospitality services for homeless guests, builds intentional relationships with them and encourages them away from the destructive environment of the street and toward a life focused on relationship and hope.

Connect Program - Burnside Shelter

The Connect program is a 3-4 month residential program for men or women seeking safety and stability as they transition toward independent housing and/or employment. Internship opportunities may include providing relational care, spiritual encouragement and guidance, and case management.

New Life Ministry - The Harbor

The New Life Ministry for men at The Harbor includes a 12-month residential recovery program. Internship opportunities in men’s recovery may include food service management, educational training, life skills, pastoral care, and case management.

New Life Ministry - Shepherd's Door

The New Life Ministry for women and children at Shepherd’s Door includes a 12-month residential recovery program. Internship opportunities in women’s recovery may include helping women develop their parenting and home life skills, supporting the residents in their educational growth, resident advocacy, pastoral care and helping the residents in their vocational roles to create job readiness.

Family Life Center - Shepherd's Door

The Family Life Center at Shepherd’s Door is a proactive program that is designed to break dysfunctional cycles of brokenness and addiction. It is an integrated ministry led by quality staff and volunteers. The Family Life Center offers healing and new life to the resident children at Shepherd’s Door through a unique focus on both parent and child.
Resident children (ages 0-10) are welcomed into an environment of social, emotional and physiological healing. At Shepherd’s Door, children are presented with the opportunity to learn, utilizing a one room schoolhouse model. While the moms attend their program, preschool age children take part in spiritual, educational, physical and social development programs specifically tailored to their needs. Elementary age children attend Russell Academy and are given the opportunity to participate in various activities while onsite. Each afternoon, mothers have chance to connect with their child in our special mother-child interactive time (this may include baking, board games, gardening, etc.) with loose supervision by staff.
The health and success of the Family Life Center depends on committed volunteers and interns. Specifically, the Family Life Ministries team is in immediate need of those who are interested in: holding babies, leading activities, reading and tutoring.