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Rachelle’s Story of Hope

A Phone Call Away Rachelle Points The Path To Hope Rachelle sits by the phone, eagerly waiting for it to ring. The next call could mean the difference between life and despair for the person on the other end. “Hello,” she says kindly. “This is Rachelle, Intake Assistant... Read More


Sinking Into Sadness – Tina’s Story of Hope

When Tina found herself homeless, she did everything she could to avoid sleeping on the streets – she’d stay at friends’ houses, in cars, any place that would offer her more protection than the streets. “I was lost, in despair, on my knees begging God to... Read More

Tina’s Story of Hope

Sinking Into Sadness Tina Begs God To Help Her Tina’s father died in a tragic car accident when she was a little girl. But worse things lay in store when her mother remarried a monster. “Don” brought drugs, violence, and sexual abuse into their   home and dragged Tina’s... Read More

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Multnomah University’s “Day of Outreach”

Earlier this month, a team of students from Multnomah University spent the day here at the Mission cleaning, raking, landscaping, organizing, and working hard to keep our facilities running smoothly! Once every spring and fall, the school cancels classes and students help out... Read More


Amy Gives Back

Amy Gives Back Her painful past helps her hopeful future Amy should have died after her devastating heroin overdose. Instead, she miraculously awoke in a hospital emergency room with her father praying fervently over her, pleading with God to save her life. “I’d... Read More

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Chef Turns Down Lucrative Career to Feed Starving Neighbors

    Narayanan Krishnan had a great job. He was an award-winning chef working at a 5-star hotel in Switzerland. But when he returned home to his native India to visit family, what he saw there changed everything.  Watch his powerful story brought to you by CNN to see how... Read More

Join The Mission

7 Ways to Make Portland Rescue Mission Your Mission of Hope 1. Stay In Touch Heartwarming stories of change happen every day at Portland Rescue Mission. Get a sneak peak behind the scenes and all the latest news when you join us on social media: >> Find quick links to... Read More

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Mondays at the Mission: Ep 7 – Donate/Purchase a Vehicle!

Did you know that you can donate a vehicle to Portland Rescue Mission? It’s another great way that you can help hurting, homeless people get the help they need to get off the streets and into healthy, new lives! “Donating our car was so easy and convenient. Everything... Read More


Portland’s Homeless Find a Home Here

For people in the Portland area, it is no mystery that there is a significant homeless population here.  It’s a topic of much contention among Portlanders and the debate rages on as to how to best help these people in need.  A recent article by KGW’s Evan Senoffsky  points... Read More


Donate or Buy a Car from the Mission!

Have you considered donating your car to Portland Rescue Mission? Many people don’t realize they can donate and purchase cars from us. You certainly can, and what an enormous difference your donation makes! In fact, the average car donation here provides around 600 meals... Read More